Since I started my Astro consultancy , I had been asked most frequently with the following questions . Here are my answers .

 1) I want to marry but me & my partner found to have Nadi Dosh when I matched our horoscopes in Kundali software / online websites ?

Ans ) Nadi Kutam is significant in Asht Kutam Milan and therefore 8 points are attributed to Nadi Kutam . However as per my views , only on the basis of  Nadi Dosh appearing in software kundali milan  it is not advisable to reject /drop a proposal unless  the  inner  houses of charts are carefully  observed . There are various factors which should be considered in context to Nadi Dosh viz Jupiter strength , placement , conjunction & aspect in both Lagan ( D-1 ) & Saptmasa ( D-7 ) charts of male & female . Also 5th house , 5th house Lord , aspect on 5th house and Planet / Planets placed in 5th house of Lagan &  Saptmasa charts should be checked carefully . Last but not least male & female Jupiter compatibility must be done . Blood groups , caste and type of Nadi Dosh are other minor contributing factors .

Just by matching horoscope in computer software and finding Nadi Dosh does not mean that one should drop the proposal . I highly recommend to take an expert opinion who can elucidate on the above mentioned aspects of child birth ( progeny ) in male & female horoscopes .

 2)  I want to marry my long term girlfriend / boy friend but our parents are not convinced due to Nadi Dosh ?

Ans )  Ideally it is not correct to decide compatibility just on Nadi Dosh . There are about 25 compatibility factors . A right evaluation can be made only after studying all the compatibility factors . It is for a Lay Man to say NO on Nadi Dosh .  In many of my cases I said NO  to couple even though Nadi Dosh was insignificant because I found other factors not compatible .They actually came up with Nadi Dosh problem but on studying I realized that there could be divorce or separation or had feeling that the relation will not turn into marriage on its own with time .

I have also noticed  in few of  my case studies that parents are not actually convinced with the choice of spouse of their children and they use NADI DOSH as an excuse . The reason for not being convinced may be caste , looks , culture etc .I have personal belief that one should not marry against parents wishes .  Should try to convince them and marry only if the parents are ready from heart . As parents blessings are necessary for child birth  to the couple . So if Nadi Dosh gets cancelled or is insignificant but parents are not ready then do not proceed with marriage .

3)  We have matched our Horoscopes & have Nadi Dosh but we are Non-Brahmins , so can we proceed for marriage ?

Ans )  If  Nadi Dosh is only applicable to Brahmins than child birth issues is supposed  to be faced only by couples of Brahmin community but  any community / caste couples can or do have progeny  issues so this means that there are more factors other then Nadi Kutam  governing child birth which need to be checked in both  male & female kundalis for progeny .

Thus by being a Non Brahmin couple with Nadi Dosh does not mean that there will be no issues pertaining to children or by being a Brahmin couple with Nadi Dosh does not necessarily mean that they will have no children .

4)  We have Madhya Nadi Dosh , does it mean that any of us can die after marriage ?

Ans ) Not necessarily as death cannot be attributed only  to Madhya Nadi Dosh . Factors like Nakshtra compatibility between couple , Maha Dasha , Markesh , 8th house , 8th lord , Saturn aspect on 8th house and yoga of becoming widow or widower has to be checked before any final conclusion .

5)  I am struggling hard but yet not settled in career , when I showed my horoscope I was told that I have Kaal sarp Dosh ?

Ans ) For accurate judgement on Career & Finance several  aspects in Lagan & D-10 chart has to be studied  therefore  obstacles in career cannot be attributed to only Kaal Sarp Dosh . Jupiter condition , 10th house Lord , 10th house sign , planet / planets  present in 10th house , aspect on 10th house , 11th house lordship , planet present in 11th house , 1st , 2nd , 5th , 7th , 9th houses have to be carefully studied . Apart from this current Maha , Antar and Pratyantar Dasha should be considered . Last but not least the impact of  current transit of planets in space have to be carefully observed .

6)  I am Non Manglik but my partner is Manglik what to do ?

Ans ) Manglik Dosh is not the ultimate factor in deciding compatibility like Nadi Dosh . Unless the other factors of  marriage compatibility are studied properly it is not accurate to drop or proceed with the proposal . Generally Manglik dosh gets cancelled on various Vedic astrology rules . It is very important to see in which sign & house is Mars placed in Lagan chart . Also aspect and conjunction with respect to Mars must be checked .

7)  Which Gemstone should I wear , somebody told me to wear Neelam other told me to wear Diamond , what to do ?

Ans ) Do not wear any gemstone without taking a proper guidance . Gemstones do have negative effects . If you want to still wear gemstone like Diamond or any  gemstone for the purpose of show or prestige wear such that the stone does not touch your body part . Means if you want to wear Solitaire ring make it in such a way that the Diamond does not touch your finger skin .

There are various ways by which Gemstone are recommended , some suggest on the basis of Numerology , some suggest on the basis of Moon sign ( Janam Rashi ) , some suggest on the basis of profession or Maha dasha . I personally suggest gemstones on the basis of functional benefic planets for the particular chart . Meaning I believe that Gemstones of those planets should be worn which are favourable as per your Lagan chart . In short  only 2-3 planets are favorable in every chart rest are either neutral or malefic in nature .

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