Moksha in the name of A-R-A " Alokik Ratan Aabhushan " design Rudraksh Jewellery & Accesories. On the basis of Vedic horoscope , individual's requirements & health issues Rudraksh combination is suggested . Original Nepali , Indian & Indonesian Rudraksh are used  by Moksh . Click here for more info


 As the pricing of higher faces ( Mukhi ) Rudraksh is in Lakhs , fake Rudraksh are available in market . For a lay man it is very difficult to identify between real and artificial Rudraksh as a result people remain away from the benefits of this Pious and Precious Gem - Rudraksh . 

 The main identification of Rudraksh is via X - Ray . On X-ray of Rudraksh you can find small egg shaped holes known as Locules . It is said that the number of faces ( Mukhi ) of Rudraksh is equal to number of Locules . However as the higher beads have more number of Mukhis like 17 to 21 the locules are sometimes very small and in X-ray it is not easily visible . Still with lower number of faces of Rudraksh one can easily count the locules A 5 Mukhi Rudraksh wll have only 5 Locules .  In general Nepali Rudraksh from 3 Mukhi to 10 Mukhi are not fake and especially 4 , 5 & 6 Mukhi . 

Now a days lot of fake rudraksh from China and Indonesia are dumped into the market . They make use of 4 , 5 and 6 Mukhi Rudraksh to make Gaurishankar Rudraksh and higher Mukhi rudraksh . For that it is always better to buy whitish Rudraksh as it has no artificial coloring on it . 

 One home easy testing for Rudraksh is boil the Rudraksh for 30 to 45 Minutes in water . If the Rudraksh is made from 4 , 5 and 6 Mukhi Rudraksh it will lose the color and also it will break open if you insert a nail after boiling . Gaurishankar Rudraksh are easily detected by this test as people chop a bit of 5 Mukhi from side and 4 or 6 Mukhi from one side and join them with adhesive and than but a deep reddish color to mask the joint . If you boil such Rudraksh you can make out the jointing easily . If the Gaurishankar Rudraksh is natural even after boiling it will show no jointing . 

 Copper Coin testing will help you to just find that the bead is Rudraksh . With Copper coin testing you cannot identify the correct number of Mukhi ( Faces ) of Rudraksh for that the X-Ray is best . If you place Rudraksh between Copper coins the Rudraksh bead will shop some kind of motion it will be either clock wise or anti- clockwise . In Nepal no X-ray report is given . In case you want to buy genuine Rudraksh always but from a trustworthy person although you may have to pay a price bit higher than your expectation . Genuine Rudraksh is miraculous .


 Rudraksh is fruit of tree therefore care of Rudraksh is mandatory for its long life . If good care of Rudraksh is taken the life of Rudraksh can be more than 100 years . 

 1) Keep or apply Mustard oil to Rudraksh beads/ mala after every 3-4 months . Some people add Turmeric to oil and than apply to Rudraksh . 

 2) For cleaning Rudraksh to remove the dirt put the Rudraksh mala or beads in Lemon juice for 20 to 30 mins and than rub lightly the beads with clean tooth brush . This will make Rudraksh shining . 

 3) If you are not using Rudraksh or have plenty of Rudraksh kept idle in cupboard than keep Naphthalene balls along with the Rudraksh . 


 1) Rudraskh mala or beads should be removed before going to sleep in night . The mala or bead should kept in puja ghar or some safe and sacred place . It should be worn after taking bath the next day . 

 2) Rudraksh above 13 Mukhi should be removed for sure in night before going to bed as if by mistake Rudraksh above 13 Mukhi is worn and slept with than as per my experience the native will not be able to sleep or may see very bad dreams . 

 3) Rudraksh should be removed before going to a funeral . If by mistake it is worn in funeral than it has to be washed and shudi with mantra has to be done . 4) Women during their monthly cycles should not wear Rudraksh . 


 Although Rudraksh as believed is owned by Lord Shiva himself as per Hindu Mythology . However respective faces Rudraksh are owned by different Hindu Deities 

.1 Face Rudraksh owned by Lord Shiva 

 2 Faces Rudraksh owned by Ardhnareshwar . 

 3 Faces Rudraksh owned by Agni 

 4 Faces Rudraksh owned by Brahma 

 5 Faces Rudraksh owned by Shiva 

 6 Faces Rudraksh owned by Kartikyae ( Murugan) 

 7 Faces Rudraksh owned by Goddess Lakshmi 

 8 Faces Rudraksh owned by Shree Ganesh 

 9 Faces Rudraksh owned by Durga ( Shakti ) 

 10 Faces Rudraksh owned by Lord Vishnu 

 11 Faces Rudraksh owned by Hanumanji , some say it is Lord Ekadash ( form of Lord Shiva ) 

 12 Faces Rudraksh owned by Sun 

 13 Faces Rudraksh is owned by Indra 

 14 Faces Rudraksh is owned by Hanumanji 

 15 Faces Rudraksh is owned by Pashupatinath 

 16 Faces Rudraksh is owned by Mahamratyunjay Shiva 

 17 Faces Rudraksh is owned by Goddess Katyayani , some say it is by Vishvakarma 

 18 Faces Rudraksh is owned by by Earth ( Bhumi )

 19 Faces Rudraksh is owned by Narayan 

 20 Faces Rudraksh owned by Brahma 

 21 Faces Rudraksh owned by Kuber 


 The nine planets own 1 to 9 Mukhi Rudraksh . 

 1 Mukhi ruled by Sun 

 2 Mukhi ruled by Moon 

 3 Mukhi ruled by Mars 

 4 Mukhi ruled by Mercury 

 5 Mukhi ruled by Jupiter 

 6 Mukhi ruled by Venus 

 7 Mukhi ruled by Saturn 

 8 Mukhi ruled by Rahu 

 9 Mukhi ruled by Ketu 

 The higher faces rudraksh also are ruled by planets like 12 by Sun , 13 by Venus , 14 by Mars , 16 by Ketu , 17 by Saturn . Some rudraksh have no rulership of planets like 10 Mukhi .


 We suggest Ideal Rudraksh Combination for our clients on the following basis . 

 1) Vedic Horoscope : Vedic horoscope includes Janam thithi , Favorable planets as per the Ascendant & Maha Dasha . 

 2) Numerology : Destiny Number and Mind Number . 

 3) Profession / Career : On the basis of type of profession . 

 4) Personal Issues : Like marriage , child birth , Court Case , Black Magic , Lack of courage etc . 

 5) Health Issues : Pregnancy , Diabetes , Thyroid , Renal , Memory related , Cancer , addiction etc .


                                           KAJU SHAPED 1 MUKHI RUDRAKSH 

One Mukhi Rudraksh is believed to be owned by Lord Shiva himself & the  planetary lordship is of Sun .The Nepali 1 Mukhi is round shaped which is rare in availability & the price is in Lakhs . However the Kaju or boat shaped 1 Mukhi is available in abundance & the price is approximately around 5 to 6 thousand depending upon the weight & colour . Since Round 1 Mukhi  Nepali are rare, fake  Round 1 Mukhi are created from 3 or 4 Mukhi . Indonesian 1 Mukhi is also easily available but it is very small in size. A-R-A uses one Mukhi Kaju shaped for  making Rudraksh Jewellery .


                                        2 MUKHI DEHRADUN RUDRAKSH

                                         2 MUKHI NEPALESE RUDRASKH 
                       2 MUKHI INDONESIAN RUDRAKSH

Two Mukhi Rudraksh also known as Ardhnareshwar  is believed to be owned by Shiv & Parvati.The  planetary lordship is of Moon . However some religious scriptures say it ruled by both Sun & Moon .The Nepalese 2 Mukhi is oval shaped  & is around 17 to 18 thousand Rupees depending upon the weight & size . Indian 2 Mukhi are bit less expensive than Nepalese . We use all 4 varieties of 2 Mukhi  in our Jewellery as per the budget of our client . 

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